unmasking the unseen

Editorial Design and Photography
Between Basel Switzerland and Cairo
Censorship Aesthetics


Unmasking the Unseen” is a visual investigation that explores censorship, graphics and public space. After my brief stay in Cairo, some fundamental realities came to my attention. The public space does not invite you to linger. The robust anonymization and surveillance underline this. I noticed that the public space also offers no possibility for intervention. Posters of a cultural nature, meeting places or the exchange among the city’s inhabitants no longer exist. The field of visual communication is limited to advertising for consumption. The title refers to my Confrontation with the mediation of these facts. I lived between two worlds. The stark contrast between Cairo and Basel fascinated me greatly, but it wasn't easy to compare.

The challenge of visually conveying this anxiety is considered the essence of the work. With my photographs, I wanted to create a Stimulating discussion regardless of good and bad, beautiful and ugly or right and wrong. But how does this city affect me, what does it trigger, and how do I feel about it? It was important to me to highlight one's position on the topic of

“Design in the public sphere space” and to become conscious of how our environment shapes our work as designers.

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