Warm Earth Dinner

cooking performance at SAE greenhouse ETH
Winter 2022


In the SAE greenhouse in Zurich, we explored nourishment and care amidst northern winter scarcity, incorporating cooking methods and flavours from the Sahara and the Andes dry season. Collaborating with 12 diasporic guests, we celebrated migrant foodways and indigenous knowledge through collective experimentation and reciprocity. By adapting arid landscape recipes and ingredients and preparing them slowly over hot stones and wood stoves, we engaged in regenerative cooking practices to address the climate emergency. This warm earth dinner served as an invitation to share our stories and rituals around food, bridging the culinary traditions of Egypt and Peru while honouring the winter landscape of Zurich. The menu featured winter aromatic tubers, tajine (chicken and vegan) with couscous, a sweet banana leaf surprise, and cacao & chilli tea. This project was part of the Cocinas Alterinas Collective.

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