Group Exhibition
Video Installation


Joanna Selinger and I started to experiment with different visualizations of natural phenomena. We wanted to reproduce natural events in an unconventional way, and sound was the logical conclusion for both of us, because it is a natural occurrence but also a way to represent natural phenomena. With the help of a software called “Sonifyer” we were able to generate audible frequencies from the seismographic data. The idea was to create an audio-reactive script that would show the epicenter of the tsunami, how the audio waves and the tsunami responded to the map’s coastlines and the boundaries of our frame (exhibition sculpture). For our exhibition, we removed our extremely clinical view of the dataset we used and decided to live our artistic freedom. With the sounds we produced, we wrote an experimental piece of music. This piece was our input for our script. Our work can be experienced as an audiovisual installation.

This piece was exhibited four times.

These are documentations from the group exhibition: terramoto at la_capusla in zürich and soundate for OTO SOUND MUSEUM la rada

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