cooking up mischief for onomatopee

Design Mediation Workshop
Publication and Exhibition


Kitchens can be sites of exploitation or care, depending on the politics practiced within them. Similarly, design follows the same logic.

When a diverse group of designers gathered, they were presented with a unique challenge: to explore design histories and systems not through conventional tools and methods but by delving into the everyday items in their kitchen and through cooking. This approach sought to uncover wonderfully quirky and personal stories, which served as the foundation for our collective journey that opened up new perspectives and expanded our understanding of design histories. 

Each participant was asked to bring their favorite kitchen tool, which either brought them joy through its simplicity, sentimental value, or intriguing design. The stories behind these chosen tools became the starting point of our exploration and inspiration, resonating throughout the space of Onomatopee and shaping the course of our culinary adventure. They infused our creations with purpose and guided us collectively. 

Within the bustling kitchen, a song of flavors and scents enveloped us. The clattering of pans, joyful chatter, music, and fragrant aromas of fresh herbs and produce intermingled as we embarked on a communal cooking experience. This collaborative endeavor weaved together a vibrant tapestry of tastes. It was a delightful chaos where traditional boundaries dissolved, allowing new and unforeseen possibilities to emerge.

We discovered the interconnectedness of politics, care, and creativity through the lens of design and food. The kitchen was just the mere backdrop to initiate these conversations. Our exploration of the mundane transformed into a rich collection of stories, reflecting our collective's diverse histories and perspectives. With each chop, bite, and exchange, we started to map their impact and delve deeper into their entanglements collectively. 

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